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This is a curated list of products and services we have compiled specifically for entrepreneurs to start and accelerate their growth. The best part? With our reference you can avail US$ 100K in credits

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Packages for everything your business needs

Run wikis and organize your team documents with credits availed through us!
Free credits towards an online collaborative whiteboard platform
Fast, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure solutions so you can build great applications
Get Zendesk Sales CRM, Support Suite, Explore and Sunshine!
Pipeline oriented CRM with email integrations and automations
Communication APIs for voice, video and sms. Credits to drive your business with telecom marketing
Open accounts, set up payment gateways, and fully manage your finances at heavy discounts
People-friendly forms and surveys with a variety of ways to collect data
20% off lifetime to an All -in-one messaging multichannel platform
6 months of free payment gateway usage upto total transaction volume of INR 5 Lacs
6 Months worth of Super Receptionist CRM services for Startups
Avail credit towards the google cloud platform at no charge
Manage Tasks, docs, chat, goals & more
Receive 6 Months free services for cloud telephony courtesy of MyOperator with our reference
Access to the full Zoho One suite for startups with marketing automation tools for 1 whole year
Receive US$ 5000 in Amazon credits under the AWS Activate program with our reference.
Avail our partner pricing upon purchasing paid plans for cloud telephony services - extended trial and heavy referral discounts granted in this deal

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Harbouring doubts?

What are the redeemable amounts written?
Our deals have a monetary benefits that are offer credits equivalent in the USD amount mentioned. Please note this is an approximation taken with currency conversions.
Are benefits limited to the mentioned deals?
While the benefit amount is granted in the form of extended trials and direct credits towards mentioned services, heavy discounts can be availed upon negotiations with the sales teams through us if you shift to higher paid plans.

Please note the initial plans/trials which most of our members don't even consume completely are entirely free.
Can I take a plan for just one month?
We're trying to ensure the best deals can reach all our members at a very fair and low price. The minimum term one can apply for is 1 year so as to make sure our services and deals are not abused. Moreover most of our services have a validity period of 1 year or more which is why it would be mandatory for you to avail the subscription for 12 months.

Rest assured, you will be granted all current deals you see on the page and the future ones to be added to this roster.