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Miro is a platform for modern work, enabling collocated, distributed, and remote teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels, and time zones — without the constraints of physical location, meeting space, and whiteboard

To apply for the program please fill out the application form.  Your request will be reviewed within 10 days. While we are reviewing your application, you can still use the product for free.

In the form, your accelerator/incubator is supposed to be "Stirring Minds" the form shall only be approved for club members, with each form validated by us. It is recommended you send us an email at (contact@stirringminds.com) before applying.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification email with a link to the payment page. You can upgrade your account either by following the link or from the dashboard. On the payment page, you will see a note that the $1,000 credit will be applied to your purchase.

✏️ Please note that the $1000 credit is tied to the email address you've indicated in the application form. If the upgrade is made by another user, it may result in an undesirable credit card charge.


The payment page of Miro Startups program participants

You may choose any plan but we recommend starting with the Team plan as the plan is designed for small teams and includes all basic paid features.

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