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Early stage startups will receive free CTO Insights for Lifetime.

CTO.ai - Modern DevOps teams are adopting Platform Engineering to help abstract the complexity of server infrastructure away from developers, helping them save time and ship value to customers sooner. Our platform has all the features to help you build your own developer platform easily. Whether you are a CEO or Founder, CTO or Tech Lead, CTO.ai Insights will give you the clarity to intelligently oversee your software development team as well as better understand your releases while speeding up your sprints.

Want to put data at the center of your software delivery and ship 200X more often?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we built delivery insights to help you make data-driven delivery decisions.

Connect us to your preferred developer tools to start getting benchmarks instantly.

CTO.ai Insights integrates with Github in just a few clicks, connects with any CI/CD system via API, and helps you create event-driven DevOps workflows in minutes.

CTO.ai answers questions like:

  • How long do product changes take?
  • How often can we update our product?
  • How often do we break our product?
  • How quickly can we restore service?

Snag this once-in-a-lifetime offer on CTO.ai Insights to workflow smarter, not harder.

Startup Program Benefits:

Early stage startups will receive free CTO insights for lifetime.

Redemption Instructions:

  • Startups can apply by filling out a form (provided to members) and will receive services after approval from incubator.
  • Open to all organizations and startups.

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