Digital Ocean Hatch

Deal Value

Startups will be eligible to apply to DigitalOcean Hatch for $1000 of DigitalOcean credits.

Digital Ocean: Hatch program participants have a ceiling on the non-billable amount on each invoice. If a customer exceeds that invoice in the month, it will be the responsibility of the company to pay the difference in the monthly cap and the invoice amount. Many customers may never approach their monthly award ceiling while in the startup program and will be unaware that this cap, which has always existed, is in place. But we wanted to take the time to inform you that we will be more clearly informing startups of the policy we have today. Additionally, we also wanted to take a moment to inform you that admission to Hatch is at the discretion of DigitalOcean for eligible applicants. Admission to Hatch is not guaranteed and many incredibly exciting startups may not gain a spot in the program. We would like to work with as many people as we can and hope that you all can work with us as we apply these policies to our program. Lastly, all applicants should apply to Hatch via the unique URL link from your organization. (That's us! Get the links, details to apply after you join our club via email.)

Eligibility and Admission

To sign up for DigitalOcean’s program for startups (Hatch), companies must (1) have a DigitalOcean team account, (2) not be a current customer, (3) be able to provide proof of eligibility in your program/portfolio upon request and (4) have a valid business e-mail address (no free email providers e.g Gmail, Protonmail, Hotmail, etc.). We may accept or refuse membership at our sole discretion. We may ask startups to furnish documentation supporting their eligibility. If they do not provide documentation indicating that they meet the eligibility requirements above, they may be declined admission into the program. The program is for startup business use only and may not be used for individual services or resale. They may not transfer or assign their membership, or the benefits associated with a Hatch membership. They may not enroll in the same business more than once.

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