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Harvestr is the a product management platform that will help you better collaborate with your team and make informed roadmap decisions, to build the right product, based on customer feedback and data.

  • Harvest is the tool that will help you and your team build and scale a successful digital product.
  • You get access to all your customer's feedback in one platform, and can build roadmaps and products accordingly.
  • You can also define the priorities on your project, so your team always know what they must work on first. This way, your team becomes more efficient, and produces a better and performing product.

Startup Program Benefits:

  • Early stage startups receive a 50% Discount on Harvestr Rise Plan for upto 6 Months

Redemption Instructions:

  • Startups can apply by filling out a form (provided to members) and will receive services after approval from incubator.

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