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A startup ecosystem, we help launch, scale and support businesses.

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What We Do.

Stirring Minds maintains a portfolio spanning multiple sectors. Disruptive technology is our unifying theme. We provide the following services:

Call us the boarding school for the stirred ones. We want to catch them young, raise them, mentor them and make them ready for the market.
Coworking Spaces
Our hubs are designed for creatives, freelancers, independents and startups to be an inspiring environment to work and collaborate.
Startup Courses
Having founded leading education ventures, we work alongside govt, varsities & private players to foster startup education for young minds.
Growth Hacking
We jumpstart startups by helping them achieve their growth milestones. Our experts work along with you at every step
LIVE Events
We hosted India's largest online entrepreneur's summit and continually host workshops, webinars, & startup events. Hope to see you at one!
Startup Packages
Digital credits up to $30K , virtual office plans & numerous professional services to help you launch or scale your businesses.
We invest our own money as well as work along with a network of few hundred angels and VC’s to get you the capital you need.
We offer personalized support to help, grow and nurture the entrepreneurial mind, "The Stirred One" as we love to call it.

Cowork, Create and Conquer

We are focused at building a community that spreads across our co working locations and collaborates over our online platform.

About our past

We've been doing this for 6 years and counting.

Countless startups launched off from our hubs
On-site events, workshops, weminars, conferences & summits
Meet a strong network of entrepreneurs across the world
And were
Startup Courses

Learn to launch and ramp businesses and receive the tools to build them - Apply Today

Start A Startup

Our flagship course is hosting the its 8th rendition.

Industry specialists share their clandestine tips and hacks in a quick concise sessions so you can take your innovative idea to a thriving startup. Ideate, create and pitch it already!
Accepted Applicants receive $100K in SaaS
One time at no extra charge

Business on Autopilot

We don’t know much about aviation. However we sure know how to help you automate your business. Build yours so it can function without you. Warren Buffet likes to say -

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
Access Zoho One for startups on Course Completion
Valid for teams upto 30
Coworking Spaces

Our hubs are about more than just desks and chairs

We offer modern amenities, beautiful event spaces, conference rooms, private cabins and a jovial workplace environment for you and all your team members.
Be a part of our growing community

Jumpstart your startup today

We've helped numerous people achieve their success stories and they have nothing but beautiful experiences to share.

Holi @ Stirring Minds