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Stirring Minds maintains a portfolio spanning multiple sectors. Disruptive technology is our unifying theme. We provide the following services:

Call us the boarding school for the stirred ones. We want to catch them young, raise them, mentor them and make them ready for the market.
Coworking Spaces
Our hubs are designed for creatives, freelancers, independents and startups to be an inspiring environment to work and collaborate.
Startup Courses
Having founded leading education ventures, we work alongside govt, varsities & private players to foster startup education for young minds.
Growth Hacking
We jumpstart startups by helping them achieve their growth milestones. Our experts work along with you at every step
LIVE Events
We hosted India's largest online entrepreneur's summit and continually host workshops, webinars, & startup events. Hope to see you at one!
Startup Packages
Digital credits up to $30K , virtual office plans & numerous professional services to help you launch or scale your businesses.
We invest our own money as well as work along with a network of few hundred angels and VC’s to get you the capital you need.
We offer personalized support to help, grow and nurture the entrepreneurial mind, "The Stirred One" as we love to call it.
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Our clients see


Growth in their chosen domain within 1 year or less when they take our services.

Growth in terms of hot leads, projects won, social following and website visitors so you can focus on your product and conversion.

Committed to helping you scale quicker than your projections

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Countless startups launched off from our hubs



On-site events, workshops, webinars, conferences & summits



Meet a strong network of entrepreneurs across the world

Ideate, Design, Pitch, Fund, Grow and Scale

Unless you're an experienced serial entrepreneur, funding and launching a company can seem downright impossible with too many scattered solutions.

Up until now.

Master Entrepreneurship

Start a Startup

Apply to our 6 month accelerator program and avail upto USD 100,000 in benefits to build your startup.

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Partnered with top startup enablers.

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Our Hubs are about more than just tables and chairs

Hot Seats & Dedicated Spaces
Private Cabins
Meeting Rooms
Pantry Usage
and a lot more !

Covered by the best in Indian and International Media

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We've helped numerous people achieve their success stories and they have nothing but beautiful experiences to share.
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