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Get FREE credits on Paytm Payment Gateway (to the tune of GMV worth Rs. 12 Lakhs), Nodal Account, and advertising discounts of upto Rs. 50 Lakhs on the Paytm ecosystem!

Paytm is one of the most notable and largest startups India has produced. Since its inception in 2010, Paytm has grown from a mobile recharge service to the go-to app for citizens for e-transfer of funds, travel and leisure services, events and ticketing, wealth management, insurance services, banking, and gaming. Simultaneously, Paytm’s offerings such as payment gateway, offline payments infrastructure have provided ease of business for millions of merchants across India.

Paytm for startups is an initiative by Paytm to catalyze the startup ecosystem in India. The program covers areas that are critical business enablers, helping the startup focus on core business areas and achieving product-market fit. You can refer to this page for more program details.

Startup Program Benefits:

1. Paytm Payment Gateway:

  •  0% MDR on payments of up to GMV INR 12 lakhs for a period of 1 year. 
  • 0% MDR on all UPI and Rupay Transactions

2. Paytm Mini Apps:

  • Free listing on paytm mini apps + 0% commerce charges on all sales done via mini-app store on paytm for a period of 1 year
  • 0% MDR on UPI and Paytm Wallet (business pay only commission for other payment modes; 2% on Net Banking & Credit Card, 0.9% on Debit Card except Rupay) 
  • At Least 40Mn unique Impressions + home page listing in the first week on launch. (Only for Venture and Growth companies) 
  • Dedicated SPOC for onboarding/integration easier and faster listing on the mini apps platform. (Only for Venture and Growth companies)
  • Early Access to exclusive platform features such as QR Code Integration/ Notification-Paytm chat integration/Paytm App Keyword Search Integration etc. (Only for Venture and Growth companies)

3. Paytm Ads & Co-marketing:

  • 50% discount on Paytm Ads inventory for 1 year 
  • Eligible for Co-marketing campaigns with Paytm (Digital & Social platforms)

4. Paytm First Points:

  • Free access to list brand offers on Paytm First Points 

5. Paytm First Subscriptions:

  • Free access to premium Paytm customer to list brand offers and services through Paytm First subscription

6. Banking

a) Current Account 

  • Zero Balance Current Account
  • 24*7 Free Payments 
  • VAN Creation & Incoming free for 3 months 

b) Nodal Account

  • Complete waiver of setup Cost with API Integration (One time cost of INR 25K) 
  • Waiver on of maintaining the account (Quarterly cost of INR 15K)

7. Product/ Business/ Payments Workshops :

  • Paytm can also do once 1 month exclusive workshops with portfolio companies on topics of payments, product management etc. depending upon questions and business challenges being faced by the portfolio companies

Who will have access?

  • Payment Gateway offer only applicable to first time Paytm customers of Payment Gateway 
  • Payment Gateway: Commission-free payments of GMV up to INR 12 Lakhs in up to 12 months (INR 1 lakh/month)
  • For Paytm Ads: The total discounts which can be availed during the offer period is capped at Rs. 50 Lakhs/startup 
  • For Payment Gateway: The startup should continue to use the payment products for a time period at least equivalent to the period of offer post the completion of the offer period 
  • For Paytm First Points: 

a) Startup should be using Paytm PG services 

b) Offer has to exclusive and meaningful (At Least 250 Rs) for it to be listed on the property 

c) Paytm will review the application and would be subject to Approval

Redemption Instructions:

  • Startups can apply by filling out a form (provided to members) and will receive services after approval from incubator.

Who will have access?

  • Bootstrapped companies will get Paytm PG, Banking, and Mini Apps.
  • Seed and Pre-series A will receive Paytm PG, Banking, Mini Apps, and Paytm First Points.
  • Series A and beyond companies are eligible to receive Paytm PG, Banking, Mini Apps, Paytm First Points, Paytm Ads, and Paytm First Subscription.

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