Deal Value

Credits worth $12,000 Valid for one year on OneHash ‘Unlimited’ Plan. Highly Agile, Customer Friendly, World's Best, and economical SaaS based CRM and ERP Solution. Making use of the cutting edge technology amalgamated with visually appealing interface OneHash aims to help you build lasting customer relationships, streamlining and automating processes, creating better collaboration and communication, better pipeline management and increased revenues.

Startup Program Benefits:

Credits worth $12,000 Valid for one year on OneHash ‘Unlimited’ Plan

Redemption Instructions:

  • Startups can apply by filling out a form (provided to members) and will receive services after approval from incubator.
  • Open to all organizations and startups.

Who will have access?

Customers are eligible for Startup Credits if they meet the following requirements:

  • The member must be an active and live participant at the Co-Working space.
  • The community member must be a new OneHash customer
  • Startup not more than 24 month young.
  • The community member must not have received funding greater than Series A
  • Start-up up to 50 employees.

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