Start a Startup

Learn the essentials of lean startup management, obtain credits worth 5 Lakhs for free and simply launch your dream into its well deserved reality.

Plans for Individuals and teams.

We select a limited number of applicants every season
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Invite Only

This is an invite only program and aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders need to go through a selection process. Fill your contact details and we'll hit you up.

Spans 6 Months

This is a 6 month program that will help you accelerate your startup. We take you from India stage to being investor ready. Going the next phase. At the moment, the program is virtual.

Cost Effective

An absolute steal, this program is designed to help startups during difficult times (the early phase) at a fraction of your operational cost.

Get Certified

We offer certifications with all the programs we provide upon the successful completion of any course.
Move in

Build & Scale

We offer coworking and several on-site packages as an added feature in our plans so you can build your startup professionally.

Our Program offerings

We curated the following benefits

Coworking Included
Tailored for modern startups, portfolios shops and more
    Funding Support
    Select startups with sufficient potential may receive funding from us
      MVP Development
      We will help you get your product out there
        Industry Visits
        View the offices of startups in action, and their daily practices
          Pitch Deck Development
          Be prepared for investors anytime anywhere
            1:1 Investor Pitching
            We will enable startups to pitch 1:1 to angel investors and VCs
              Mentor Connect
              Stay directly connected with the mentors during program
                Business Model Evaluation
                We weigh your business model with its strengths balancing out your flaws
                  Networking Dinners
                  The perfect gatherings to meet, socialize while expanding your contacts

                    Learn from the who's who in the Global Startup World


                    Instructors per program


                    Mentorship Sessions

                    Stirring Minds ensures that you learn from the best in the world. We also conduct learning events and networking sessions with VC’s, Angel Investors and more.

                    We've worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs



                    With a large coworking space, startup teams, and solopreneurs frolic over the expanse of Stirring Minds. Network with people hustling alongside you!

                    Industry leading benefits


                    in Digital Credits


                    Hours of Learning

                    Guaranteed benefits to all selected in the program. Providing every bit of value we possibly can.

                    Pricing & Course Options

                    Flexible plans tailored for all entrepreneurs.
                    INR 1,00,000
                    INR 1,00,000
                    INR 2,50,000
                    1 Person
                    1 Person
                    3 People
                    20 Hours
                    2 Hours
                    20 Hours
                    Guest Lectures
                    1:1 Mentorship
                    Virtual Office Usage
                    6 Months
                    12 Months
                    6 Months
                    Startup Showcase
                    Credits Package
                    Worth USD 20,000
                    Worth USD 20,000
                    Worth USD 50,000
                    Technical Support
                    Start a Startup

                    Dare to dream?

                    Applications evaluated on a first-come first-served basis. Now taking in passionate candidates

                    We select a limited number of applicants every season
                    Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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                    For queries apart from this, please feel free to write to us
                    Is this program full time?
                    Start a Startup only has weekend sessions, with all recordings for meets available to catch up at your own time.
                    The course runs for 6 Months and includes hand on training on tools and go-to-market skills.
                    What are my chances of getting in?
                    Hi there, we believe in passion and people willing to persevere through unwavering hard-work. If you have had past experience or even if you want to start completely afresh, we care about people that are serious about materializing their dreams.
                    When does this program start?
                    While applications are reviewed all year round, we take batches 4 times a year: March, June, Septemeber & November.